List of trust areas:


S.No Name of the Department  
1 Tamil Modern literature, Sangam literature, Grammar, Folk literature, Bhakthi Cult
2 Library Information literacy, Scientometrics, Web 2.0 tools, institutional repository, user studies, use studies, information processing, webometrics, social media literacy, library use studies, Altmetrics, User behaviour, Information seeking behaviour
3 Computer Science Data mining, Data warehousing, Image processing, genetic algorithm, computer networks, mobile communications, bioinformatics, soft computing, neural networks, data base management systems, data structures, grid computing, virtual reality, machine learning, e-learning, wireless communication, software engineering, software testing, computer architecture, green computing, cloud computing, software agent, software architecture, VOIP, blue tooth, fuzzy logic, pattern recognition and classification, optical networks,  e-governance, e-commerce, cryptography,  web services, stenography, parallel processing, web technologies
4 Chemistry Corrosion, co-ordination chemistry, natural products, green chemistry, environmental chemistry polymer chemistry, applied chemistry, industrial chemistry, medicinal chemistry, bio-chemistry, electro-analytical chemistry, nano-chemistry, kinetics, crystallography, organic synthesis
5 Zoology Apiculture, aquaculture, biodiversity, biotechnology and physiology, cell biology, ecology and its conservation, entomology, environmental biology, etiology, genetics, herpetology, ichthyology, immunology, invertebrate biology, microbiology, ornamental fish culture, ornithology,  sericulture, toxicology, parasitology
6 Physics Thin Films, material science, non linear optics
7 English British literature, post colonial literature, afro-American literature, American literature, English language teaching, Indian writing in English, journalism, translation studies, comparative literature, women’s writing
8 Mathematics Algebra, operations research, numerical analysis, fluid dynamics, complex analysis, graph theory, discrete mathematics, formal languages and automuta theory
9 History Art history, ancient, medieval and modern history, archaeology, tourism, Freedom Struggle, women’s studies, human rights, epigraphy, public administration, cultural history, political history, economic history, historiography, research methodology
10 Geography Population geography, land use analysis, agricultural geography, urban geography, environmental geography, water resources
11 Commerce Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Banking, Finance, Taxation, Management, CSR, CRM, Modern business practices, e-commerce, Industrial relationship
12 Economics Indian economy, Fiscal economics, monetary economics, new economic policy, enterpreneurship